Arm Gate Electrode

Arm Gate Electrode

Arm gate electrode conductive type
The main body is a rectangular box made of sheet steel and welded copper, water-cooled.
The cooling water fills the full arm. Our special design allows high speed movement of water near the wall-copper steels, where the heat is generated.
The front part is designed with thick bimetallic copper-steel plate, welded to the main body, mechanically machined to enable attachment of the covers in contact shoe and allow its cooling.
The connection with the cooled cables is provided on the back of the main body.

Installation of arms in columns
The arms are fixed in columns using high strength rods and tightened with special nuts (superbolts). The isolation between the arms and the columns are provided for insulating high temperature and are designed to avoid problems due to dust.

Shoes (plates) Contact
The contact shoes are made of electrolytic copper, forged and machined. They are fixed to the main body by a number of stainless steel screws that allow for better electrical contact. The tightness is guaranteed by special system garrisons anti-rotation is provided.

Claws of the electrodes
The claws of the electrodes are designed in stainless steel, water cooled. It has the function of pressing the electrodes against the contact shoes. These are isolated from the clamping devices and bodies of the arms.

Clamping devices of the electrodes
Clamping devices of the electrodes are equipped with hydraulic cylinders single acting, spring plate, rods and insulators. The cylinder allows the opening of the gripper to allow the electrode movement. These sets are located within the arms to avoid any damage. Thanks to our project can make the maintenance of the cylinders without the need for desmontrar the claw, the contact shoe and disc springs.

Heat shields
The front of the arms and the copper contact shoes are protected against high temperatures and corrosive vapors by shells of water-cooled steel. Furthermore, the shields prevent short-circuiting electrode in case of breakage.

Water spray rings
The rings are made of stainless steel allow the cooling of the electrodes. They are mounted in conjunction with heat shields.

Projects and certificates
The scope of supply includes:

-Egenharia Basic with drawings;
-Analysis Of chemical raw materials;
-Tests Sealing;
-Certified Welding and welder;
visual and dimensional ¾ the test;
functional -Tests the electrode clamping device;
-manual Assembly and maintenance.

Other models on request