In order to ensure full satisfaction of its customers, the Brar & W. Rady retains its certified Quality Management System which complies with ISO-9001: 2008 by BSI (British Standards Industry) since the year 2000 to Project scope and development, production and marketing of water cooled cables, jumpers and busbars.

The quality is strictly controlled, since the entry of raw materials during the production process to the output of finished products.

Acquired all of the materials Press (such as electrolytic copper 99.9% purity and accessories in non-magnetic stainless steel) only from reputable suppliers in the market, after a prior approval process, all this to further guarantee the end of our Product Quality .
We have equipment necessary to perform the various types of tests, and they are periodically checked against traceable standards to ensure the reliability of results in all measurements made.
The quality of our products has been recognized by our customers, through the seriousness of our work and respect is maintained through years of partnership.
However, we are continually seeking to improve, thereby achieving our goal that is Answering customer specifications, ever-seeking continuous improvement in our Quality System.